!Calphalon One Nonstick 3-Quart Saute with Glass Lid

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Product Description

This Calphalon One Infused Anodized Nonstick 3-quart sauté pan combines two technologies for unparalleled nonstick cooking. This line of cookware is the first to combine Calphalon’s exclusive infused anodized technology with a nonstick cooking surface. Four interlocking nonstick layers on the interior coupled with hard-anodized aluminum construction give you efficiency and control over your cooking. The exterior surface of the pan is infused with an advanced release polymer, which was originally developed for Calphalon’s One Infused Anodized cookware. This polymer prevents food from sticking, resists staining, and is easier to clean than most other surfaces. While Calphalon One Infused Anodized cookware is paired with stainless-steel lids, this nonstick version includes a glass lid (featuring the Calphalon signature) that fits snugly, is oven-safe to 450 degrees F, and allows you to monitor your food while cooking. Riveted, well-balanced stainless-steel handles stay cool on the stovetop and comfortable in your hand. All pans feature flared rims for neat and easy drip-free pouring. The cookware won’t stain, peel or react with acidic ingredients, and promotes uniform searing and browning. Durable enough for use with nylon and wooden utensils, Calphalon One Infused Anodized Nonstick cookware is safe for gas, electric, and ceramic stovetops and is oven-safe to 500 degrees F. The nonstick cooking surface releases food easily during cleanup, and all pieces can be washed with hot soapy water and a sponge (but not in the dishwasher). All Calphalon One cookware carries a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA. From the Manufacturer One Infused Anodized Nonstick Cookware Calphalon One Infused Anodized Nonstick cookware is the first cookware to combine Calphalon’s exclusive infused anodized technology with a revolutionary nonstick cooking surface, giving you flawless food release, enduring nonstick performance, unmatched durability, and effortless cleanup inside and out. Two Technologies To create an unparalleled nonstick cooking experience, Calphalon One Nonstick features a proprietary matrix of four interlocking nonstick layers, each of which contributes to the cookware’s unmatched durability in the kitchen. Sushi rice, mozzarella cheese, caramel–even the stickiest foods–lift easily from the exceptional nonstick surface. Delicate foods such as eggs and fish filets won’t tear when you turn them, either. Rigorous testing, simulating years and years of daily use, proves that Calphalon One Nonstick will perform consistently for as long as you cook with it. And by means of an exclusive, breakthrough anodization process, the exterior surface of the pans is infused with an advanced release polymer. This material actually penetrates below the surface, into the pores of the metal. The infused anodized exterior offers superb durability and prevents staining. Extreme Durability The four interlocking layers of nonstick, the heavy-gauge aluminum construction, and the riveted handles all offer superior durability. Calphalon One Nonstick withstands high temperatures (up to 500 degrees F in the oven) without warping. Pans feature flared rims for drip-free pouring and extra strength, too. Use wooden, nylon, or plastic utensils to maintain the nonstick cooking surface. Cooking Versatility Calphalon One Nonstick is ideal for virtually any kitchen and any cooking technique you can name. It’s compatible with gas, electric, and ceramic stovetops and is safe for use in the oven. You’ll experience no sticking with Calphalon One Nonstick–and you’ll cook with more confidence. Classic Vessel Shapes Like the classic French cookware that inspired its shapes, Calphalon One Nonstick vessels are designed to deliver optimal results with specific cooking techniques. Calphalon One Nonstick is constructed from heavy-gauge aluminum and features flared rims for protection against wear and tear and to facilitate pouring. Ergonomic handles and glass lids bring both greater versatility and beautiful style to the cookware. Cool Comfort Handles Triple-riveted and ergonomically balanced, the contoured handles stay comfortable cool for stovetop cooking. They are constructed of stainless steel are carefully balanced and proportioned to make cooking with every Calphalon One Nonstick pan comfortable and convenient. Lifetime Warranty Calphalon One Infused Anodized Nonstick cookware is covered by a lifetime warranty. Calphalon will repair or replace any item found defective in material or workmanship when put to normal household use and cared for according to instructions. Minor imperfections, surface markings as a result of shipping, and slight color variations are normal. This excludes damage from misuse or abuse, such as improper cleaning, overheating, dishwasher use, and use of caustic or other unapproved cleaners. Heat Settings Use a lower heat setting than you normally would. Calphalon cookware heats and cools more quickly than other cookware because it’s made of heavy-gauge aluminum. It’s important to use the right heat setting for the cooking method you’re using. Experiment to find the right heat settings on your stove. High heat for boiling or reducing liquids only. Medium to medium-high heat for sautéing, stir frying, and frying. Low heat for warming food, simmering, and preparing delicate sauces. Stovetop and Oven Use When sautéing, stir-frying or frying, always preheat the pan at the temperature setting you’ll use to cook. Preheating provides maximum control. The pan is properly preheated when the rim is hot-to-the-touch. Do not preheat on high. For cooking techniques such as sautéing, stir frying, or preparing an omelet, preheat at medium to medium-high. Infused anodized pans can be used in the oven up to 500 degrees F. Handles will become very hot in the oven. Always use a potholder or mitt. Quick Cleaning and Care Hot, soapy water and a dish cloth–that’s all you need to keep Calphalon One Nonstick sparkling clean. The nonstick cooking surface releases foods as easily during clean-up as it does while you cook. To keep your cookware looking new, occasionally clean it with a Scotch Brite pad and Barkeeper’s Friend cleanser. Do not clean Calphalon One Infused Anodized Nonstick cookware in a dishwasher. Dishwasher detergents will damage the surface. Dishwasher use will void your lifetime warranty. Hand wash your cookware thoroughly inside and out after every use. Wash with hot, sudsy water and a dishcloth or sponge. To restore your pans to “like new” condition, wash with a green Scotch Brite pad and Bar Keeper’s Friend. Pay special attention to rinsing when you use Bar Keeper’s Friend; without careful rinsing, the cleaner my occasionally leave a powdery soap film. Do not use oven cleaners or other caustic cleaning solutions, baking soda, automatic dishwasher detergent, liquid bleach, liquid household cleaners used for walls, floors, porcelain, etc. Always allow your pan to cool before washing. Submerging a hot pan in water can cause irreparable warping. For stubborn burnt-on spots, allow your pan to cool then soak in hot, soapy water for 10 minutes. Burnt-on foods will lift off after soaking. To restore shine to stainless-steel covers, wash with a dish cloth or sponge and Bar Keeper’s Friend. Because Calphalon One Nonstick is hand-crafted cookware, you may notice subtle variations in the pans’ finish. These “character lines” are perfectly normal–a natural result of the manufacturing process.

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